Rayjack® ONE

RayJack® ONE is the non-sequential ray tracer by Hembach Photonik – a flexible ray tracing tool for science and industrial development.


RayJack® ONE offers maximum flexibility and control over simulations.

Differential ray tracing allows for exact radiometry with the highest performance.


RayJack® ONE has a special focus on modeling light scattering both from volumes and surfaces with ScatterLab, in which we have built in more than 25 years of experience in this field.


In addition to differential ray tracing, RayJack® ONE of course supports the usual functionality of conventional ray tracing. And, last but not least, we offer high quality technical support.


A Simulation with RayJack® ONE Brings Many benefits

  • Modern and flexible user interface
  • Comprehensive analysis tools for industrial research and basic research
  • ScatterLab with unimagined possibilities for modeling of light scattering materials

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RayJack® ONE Features

Efficient and flexible user interface

During the development of RayJack® ONE, we have put emphasis on maximum control during the simulation progress. The user interface provides:

  • Efficient scripting language based on Iron Python
  • Graphics in presentation quality
  • High- and low-level control over simulation for user-defined analysis


RayJack® ONE
RayJack® ONE

ScatterLab: Light Scattering in Volumes

ScatterLab provides more possibilities for analysis of volume scatterers than any other ray tracer

  • Simple- and multiple scattering
  • Mie theory and core-shell particles
  • Phenomenlogical and user-defined scattering models
  • Particle size distribitions and particle mixtures
  • Access to parameters of single scattering: scattering and extinction cross sections, anistropy factor, scatter intensity and many more.
  • simulation of luminance/radiance of light scattering materials

Exact Radiometry via Differential Ray Tracing

Differential ray tracing is ideal to overcome statistical noise in simulations:

  • Works for sequential and non-sequential optical systems
  • Ideal to analyze illumination systems and for stray light analysis (ghost analysis)
  • Highly accurate, noise-free simulation results


Exakte Radiometrie
Exakte Radiometrie

Flexible Modeling of Geometry

RayJack® ONE supports all surface shapes normally encountered in optics

  • Implicit and explicit surfaces such as planes, ellipsoids, conical surfaces, aspheres, tubes, truncated cones, cylindric surfaces
  • Surfaces generated  by Bézier splines: extruded surfaces, surfaces of revolution
  • Support of boolean operations for surface trimming


Versatile Ray Tracing Options:

In addition to differential ray tracing, RayJack® ONE also offers conventional ray tracing, with an extraordinary diversity of controlling possibilities.

  • Sequential and non-sequential ray tracing
  • Differential ray tracing
  • Stepwise ray tracing
  • Several alternatives of Monte-Carlo ray tracing
  • Ray splitting
  • Reverse ray tracing

Physical Modeling

RayJack® ONE is a fast-growing tool for optical simulations. In the current "ONE" version it offers all the modeling-possibilities which are usually used in optical and illumination design.

  • Dispersive and absorbing materials
  • Volume and surface scatterers
  • Light sources with adjustable spectrum

Optical Analysis

The radiometric or photometric evaluation of simulations is performed „on the fly“ or during post-processing. Numerous analysis tools are available, such as:

  • Radiometry: radiant flux, irradiance, radiance or corresponding photometric parameters
  • Extensive filters: sort your results by number of scattering processes, reflections, ... and more.
  • Analysis of ray paths


An extensive collection of reference documents such as white papers, reports and more, is under construction and will be available for you soon.

funded by

GSTP-Program of the European Space Agency