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Recent conference papers

"Optical design and straylight analyses of a spatial heterodyne interferometer for the measurement of atmospheric temperature from space"

"Development of the TANGO carbon instrument for greenhouse gas detection"

RayJack One® - release 4.1 Available now!

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  • Non-Sequential ray tracing engine with new, highly efficient algorithms
  • Powerful tools for stray light analysis
  • Fully integrated script control with Python for direct access to the simulation kernel
  • Continuous development of RayJack® ONE according to a clearly defined roadmap
  • High quality technical support

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When designing imaging and illumination optical systems one normally starts assuming ideal optical components....



Hembach Photonik's competence in optical design is based on the long year experience of its scientific and engineering staff in the field of optics....

Light scattering

When light hits rough surfaces, small particles or material inhomogenieties, it gets deflected from its original direction. ...