WE ARE Hembach Photonik

Our Team at Hembach Photonik:

(Back, left to right)  Dr. Bernhard Michel, Davit Sivil,  Dr. Horst Greiner,  Robert Fischer, Dr. Vincent Schultheiß, Dr. Britta Berneker

(front, left to right) Dr. Amos Egel, Bernd Harand, Dr. Rojiar Penjweini 

Hembach Photonik GmbH is your development partner for illumination, sensor and imaging optical systems. It is located in Schwabach , in the metropolitan area of Nuremberg, Bavaria. Since its foundation in 2011, Hembach Photonik has extended its fields of activity considerably, covering now most fields of classical optics.

Based on the long term experience of our staff (physicists, mathematicians, mechatronics engineers and computer scientists), we develop your product from the feasibility study to the virtual or real prototype. Also we analyze and improve the performance of existing optical systems and support your own design activities with customized software solutions. We fulfill your optical design and analyis requests within a wide range of application fields including, but not limited to:

OUR Main applications

• Optical systems for space applications


• Illuminatinon systems for interior automotive lighting,
  such as backlights for display systems, light guides etc.


• General lighting such as architectural lighting


• Sensors for optical particle sizing, distance and position


• IR optics, from the near to the far infrared


• Laser optics for various applications


• Imaging optics for photography and machine vision


Hembach Photonik is member of these organisations:


Deutsche Gesellschaft für angewandte Optik e.V.


bayern photonics e.V.


Kompetenznetz Optische Technologien